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Our more than 25 years' of human resources practice has been built upon the philosophy of working with communities creating environmments that inspire peak performance through natural motivation (versus fixing people) exceeding desired personal and business results.


We are committed to providing your organization the freedom to drive real value for your customers', every day.


Our commitment to our clients' and project partners' is made without exception.  We approach every assignment as a continuing process where we partner with the client to achieve the highest quality results possible, whether it is a human resource assignment or a staffing need.


Our personal background and education allow us to take a more holistic view of a client's human resource need or a talent management challenge, and introduce a cost-effective solution that works.


In the corporate world, our 'hands-on' approach has added value in a wide variety of industry sectors some of which include - The Day & Ross Transportation Group, Multi-Health Systems Inc., Karry's Wholesale Distribution, Eco-Tec Inc., and Gillette Canada Inc., (Braun division).


In the consulting world, we have provided human resource leadership and talent management solutions to such organizations as: Evoqua Water Technologies, Coupgon Inc., Quality Meats, Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Franchisee, Rigo-Tec Fabrication & Welding, Algonquin Power & Utilities.


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